DSC Recognized as 2018 Top Innovators By The Heavy Equipment Guide Magazine.

                        DSC Dredge has been recognized in Heavy Equipment Guide’s 2018 Top Innovations feature in the November/December issue of the magazine.

                        The selection was made by the editorial team and reflects, as the introduction states, that “innovations shape our world, every day in many ways, and the staff at Heavy Equipment Guide want to acknowledge their importance in the world of construction-related equipment.”

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                        Benchmark Your Hydraulic Dredge Performance

                        During your career in the aggregate industry, you’ve likely encountered professionals who have offered their opinion, with absolute certainty, as to how much your dredge should be producing, even though they’ve examined very little, if any, of your dredging operation. The fact is, excavating material from the earth and transporting material through a pipeline is not an opinion, but a science. Sizing up your dredge’s level of performance in this process will take data and the application of engineering.

                        DSC Dredge, LLC in Poplarville

                        Residents and visitors to Poplarville may notice a large piece of equipment under construction at a facility located off of Highway 53 in town.?

                        With its bright red and blue paint mixed with bare steel, a two-million-pound dredge is under construction at the Poplarville location of DSC Dredge, LLC.

                        DSC President Bob Wetta said the company has been operating in the Poplarville area since its establishment in the mid-1980s and has other locations in Reserve, La and Greenbush, Mich.

                        Demanding Times for a Dynamic Dredge Builder

                        The New Year typically brings new challenges to all?sectors of the waterfront and 2018 will be no different. As the newly expanded and improved Panama?and Suez Canals bring larger, so-called post-Panamax vessels to U.S. shores, stakeholders tend to focus on domestic?dredging needs. And, there’s plenty of that to go around. At?the same time, global infrastructure requirements are also?growing.

                        Dredging Impact On The Global Economy

                        Published in Mining World magazine, March 2015

                        Not many people understand the importance of dredges, the major role that they have played in the development of the world’s economic trade system, and the role that they continue to play in our global economy. However, dredges are used for a number of essential processes such as waterway navigation, aquaculture, environmental remediation, land restoration, land development, and many other applicationsincluding mining.


                        Dredge Efficiency Dropping? It Could Need A Boost

                        Published in?Rock Products?magazine, September 2014

                        As a dredge moves farther away from the discharge point, the pump speed is increased to maintain a proper slurry velocity within the pipeline. Once maximum pump speed has been achieved, further increasing the discharge distance causes the cost-per-ton of material moved to rise, while production declines. Of course, there is always a cost involved in pumping the water/material slurry and the associated fuel or power required to do so. Because of this, the idea of adding a booster pump to the dredging operation in order to reduce costs may seem counterintuitive.?

                        Johnson Presents Dredge Operator Training At DSC Dredge

                        Published in?International Dredging Review (IDR)?magazine, November-December 2013

                        Over the past seven years, Charles Johnson has developed a dredge operator training course that explains the basic functions of each dredge type, production and maintenance goals, and most important, how to achieve these goals.

                        Dredging: What You Need To Know

                        Published in?Pile Buck?magazine, Vol. 29, No. 4, 2013

                        Dredging impacts our lives. Dredging is an excavation activity usually carried out underwater and out of sight. It nearly always involves gathering sediments from the bottom of a pond, lake, river or harbor and then disposing of these materials at a different site. While not particularly glamorous, dredging affects our everyday lives in ways we may not even realize. Dredges are used in a variety of applications that include marine construction, environmental remediation, aiding navigation, mining, aggregate processing, recreational improvement, beach and land restoration and even by municipalities.

                        Did You Know...

                        DSC Dredge is a Global Dredge Company

                         DSC Dredge is the dredge and dredging equipment supplier of choice in countries all around the world, including India, all parts of Africa including Nigeria, Egypt, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Canada, and beyond!  DSC has products and/or services represented in almost 50 countries.

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